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The Reel Action Fishing Podcast


The Reel Action Fishing Podcast is hosted by Michael Guest and Jonathon Bleakley. The boys, who appear on Reel Action TV, cover all things fishing, including the technique, the tackle and any tips you may need when targeting your favourite fish. Throughout the series, Guesty and Jono will interview some incredible anglers and personalities in the fishing and sporting industry, while also reliving classic fishing moments through playing real-time audio of fishing trips




Oct 19, 2021

This week on the Reel Action Fishing Podcast Jono and Guesty are joined by Australian cricketing legend and fishing fanatic, Mark Taylor. Labelled the best captain Australian cricket has seen, Mark also has had his fair share of success on the water, tallying some nice scores in the bream and barra scene! In this episode, the boys dive into Marks cricketing career, his transition into commentary, his views on leadership and eventually his tips and tricks when it comes to chasing Black Bream down in Tassie. If you love your sport, fishing and good old bar stool chat, then this episode is a cracker!