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The Reel Action Fishing Podcast


The Reel Action Fishing Podcast is hosted by Michael Guest and Jonathon Bleakley. The boys, who appear on Reel Action TV, cover all things fishing, including the technique, the tackle and any tips you may need when targeting your favourite fish. Throughout the series, Guesty and Jono will interview some incredible anglers and personalities in the fishing and sporting industry, while also reliving classic fishing moments through playing real-time audio of fishing trips




May 5, 2021

This week on the Reel Action Fishing Podcast Jono and Guesty are joined by Brian ‘Barney’ Perry and Shane ‘Chalkinator’ Chalker to chat about the fast growing fish in the ocean - Mahi Mahi. 

In what is a packed round table, the boys take the chance to relive one of their more memorable sessions from last years season of Reel Action, where they spent the morning trolling live baits around a local FAD. 

Throughout the episode, the boys dive deep into why FAD’s work so well, why fish are attracted to them, what is the best way to fish them, is there etiquette when fishing FADS, and what’s a FAD look like when Chalker jumps in to film the underwater mayhem. 

As always, the boys venture off track, with Jono drawing analogies between night life and FADS, and Chalker filling us in on some of the nuances of filming a TV Show. 

All that and more on this weeks episode of the Reel Action Fishing Podcast.