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The Reel Action Fishing Podcast


The Reel Action Fishing Podcast is hosted by Michael Guest and Jonathon Bleakley. The boys, who appear on Reel Action TV, cover all things fishing, including the technique, the tackle and any tips you may need when targeting your favourite fish. Throughout the series, Guesty and Jono will interview some incredible anglers and personalities in the fishing and sporting industry, while also reliving classic fishing moments through playing real-time audio of fishing trips




May 15, 2021

This week on the podcast we are back in the studio to chat all things Murray Cod - this time with a focus on targeting them on curly-tail soft plastics out of the skinniest of creeks and rivers. The boys focus on everything from lure colour, technique, what snags to target, the time of day and the joys of fishing in Murray Cod territory! As always, the lads get distracted, which sees Guesty re-tell a story of the time he fooled a good mate of his that jack Nolan, a regular on the TV Show, was a movie star.. All that and more on this weeks episode of the podcast!